What We Do

We like to say that we make “Faith-Infused” films. Stories that are about characters and their lives (dramatic, comedic and action filled) that are interesting and engaging. These characters, as the force behind our stories, have faith in God and that faith is a driving influence on their decision making. So their faith is infused into the film in a natural and interesting way. In short, we want to tell stories about people who have faith, not bible lessons being lived out by characters.

This is central to who we are because our hope is to be a company owned by people of faith, making movies for the world. movies that are built on stories that, like the parables of the New Testament, can be understood by all but have deeper meaning. Our hope is that anyone who watches our film would be engaged by the story, but that many who watch the film would have eyes and ears to hear the deeper messages about hope, truth, and love.

We also believe that faith is found in more than dramas. We choose to focus on other genres that are not as readily represented in the faith-based space. Comedies, action movies, sci-fi, even horror films all have a unique ability to highlight how faith in Jesus influences those who believe in him. They are also some of the most profitable genres historically (horror films have one of the highest ROI’s.)

Some may counter that action movies filled with violence or horror films filled with the supernatural couldn’t tell a story that brings glory to God. The bible is filled with war, betrayal, supernatural warfare, and it definitely brings glory to God. All genres have been plagued by problematic themes and messages.