You and I have something in common.  We are both one individual in a world of billions.  Our voice by itself doesn’t carry much weight, but when communities of people come together and unify around a common vision amazing things can happen. 

Hello!  My name is David Dietrich.  I’m a filmmaker, a pastor, and one of the founders of Creator Films.

Creator Films is a media company that focuses on family friendly, faith-infused films and television. It isn't owned by a massive corporation like Apple, or Disney, or netflix. It's owned by people like you.

People who have looked at the stories being told in our culture and felt like there are better stories to tell. Stories that are built on hope, truth and grace. Stories that will draw people in rather than divide them against one another.

Movies and Media are a cornerstone of our society. We have seen a massive increase in the production of films that incorporate faith messages.  This is because there is a massive untapped market. Hollywood is waking up to this opportunity ever so slowly but there is no need to depend on the Hollywood system to drive the production and distribution of content.

That’s where we come in.  You, me, and everyone else who is tired of people complaining about content, or asking you to boycott companies.  We as a massive group of people can take ownership of the opportunity we see and create better stories. Not as supporters, not as fans, but as owners and shareholders.

Imagine the impact of 25,000 owners who are committed to telling better stories?   Now, imagine the impact of 100,000, 500,000 or one million? 

Through small investments of capital via equity crowdfunding, and the added investment of social influence, we are building a grassroots movement to tell better stories — stories that weave-in the values and principles of faith, while at the same time showing respect for people who don’t share those values.  

But this is more than people coming together.  We have to create stories that are good. Stories that stand out and engage the audience.  You might be thinking, “How do we know that you can do that David? Because we already have.

Creator Films already has its first feature length faith-infused romantic comedy in the can and ready for distribution.  It has been viewed by over 1200 people and our exit polls showed that 98% would refer the film to a friend. We received high praise for the acting, the story, and the production quality.  From people of all walks of life including people who didn’t have any religious affiliation.

And compared to it’s Hollywood equivalent we made this film for pennies on the dollar. How do we do it? 

We negotiate contracts that reward everyone for success but limit upfront expenses, we own our own equipment and save on rentals, and we have a community of business owners that partners with us for locations, costumes, and props.

Most of all we work outside of the system and the bureaucracy that comes with it. We utilize technology to its fullest and we choose stories that are designed to maximize the resources that we have available.

But the real difference will be you our owners. As we gather together we will be able to leverage our voices together and negotiate deals with independent theaters, streaming services, and retail outlets. By coming together we can produce, market, and distribute content more efficiently and share those savings with you our investors.

So we hope you join us as we become a voice in the new era of media production and distribution.