False Hopes 

Ace photographer Thomas McKenzie's been seeking the perfect girl his entire life - yet when two women simultaneously capture his interest, he learns he may not have been seeking the kind of love which truly makes us whole. This original and often charming faith-infused comedy also boasts original songs and a dynamic cast, including Emmy-Award Winner David Lago & the internationally recognized Victor Marx.

A Christmas Without Carol

Edward, a widower with two daughters, has thrown himself into his work since his wife, Carol died. The Holidays are coming and though he wants nothing more but to avoid them, a spirit reaches out to remind him of the love and compassion that heals a broken heart.

This repackaging of Dicken’s classic, “A Christmas Carol,” reminds us that the true Spirit of Christmas is not simply about sacrificial giving and generosity, but the greatest gift and sacrifice ever given, the hope offered through Jesus.


The Victor Marx Story

Victor Marx does ministry where others don’t want to go. Whether it is in youth prisons or ISIS infested warzones, Victor and his team of Jesus lovers are helping people who are hurting. Victor understands what it is to be hurt. A difficult childhood lead to abuse, anger, and trauma; but what one meant for evil, God redeemed for good.

Already a documentary with nearly a million views, we are in discussion to turn Victor’s life story into a feature film. If you don’t know about the ministry Victor and the All Things Possible Team are doing find out more at

The Dead Preachers Society

The Dead Preachers Society exists to give preachers of the past a voice to be heard today. The Podcast is released as individual series. Each focuses on a dead preacher and a selection of their writings and teachings.

Our first series is title Amazing Grace: the Letters of John Newton. It will be released Summer 2020.