The Adventures of Steebie Dee

The Adventures of Steebie Dee is a half hour television show about exploration and learning. Steebie Dee explores the world with the curiosity of Dr. Who, the academic adventure of Indiana Jones, and the sheer energy of the Crocodile Hunter. Through his journeys Steebie learns about history, geography, math, science, and culture.

He is joined by his good friend Dr. Doo, a genius inventor and scientist. Together they created the greatest airplane ever made, E.D.I.T.H. (a jumbo jet with a personality.) Her artificial intelligence is curious and loves to add new knowledge to her database.

To help plot their course Ace & Abby Malone joined the adventurers. When they aren’t flying EDITH to the four corners of the earth, they have their hands full raising their two children Jack and Maggie.

With every stop there are new things to be learned, new songs to be sung, and new adventures to be had. So step on board and fly with Steebie Dee and all his friends!